Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Very First Tme

Finally, the very first post...

Just back from the 10th annual session of the Knitaway™ in Taos. Well it's actually been weeks since I came back but after sleeping and getting my feet back on the ground I guess it only seems like I just got back. Taos is so amazing and the two groups of knitters this year were just as amazing. They held up really well to the rigors of my Japanese knitting workshop. I must have been a Japanese sensei (teacher) in another life because, like an old traditional sensei, I really expected a lot from my students this year. I'm happy to report that they all came through with shining colors and after the workshop everyone got an A+ for their ability to read Japanese knitting patterns and knit some very curious Japanese stitches.

Those of you who have been to Taos in October know what I mean when I say it is amazing. Nowhere else does the light hit the golden cottonwood trees and the blue mountains like it does there. It was the light (so they say) that brought the many artists to Taos early in the 20th century. I'm sure it was the light as well as the other, less concrete but very palpable, energy that enchants that area. I know that I'll go to Taos anytime that I get the opportunity. It gets into your being and then "being there" is a complete rejuvenation for body, mind, and spirit. poetic I'm waxing. It's the light, I tell you!

As I said, this is my first posting to this blog. Actually to any blog. I am excited to be able to join all the wonderful bloggers out there and to have a place to talk about knitting and Knitaways™ and all things concerned with those particular passions of mine.

Now, right off the bat I will address the most annoying issue of the ™ symbol that will be frequently appearing after the word Knitaway ( oops! that's Knitaway™). Knitaway™ is a registered trademark of Cheryl Oberle Designs (hence the ™) and even though I have been advertising and holding the Knitaways™ in Colorado, Taos and Alaska for 15 years suddenly some people seem to think that they also need to call their knitting retreats Knitaways. It causes untold confusion when people (mostly unintentionally) use my trademark to promote their knitting retreats. I am happy to say that everyone (including a major magazine publisher who shall remain here unnamed) has respected the trademark once they were notified of it's existence and strength. To all these very ethical and professional folk I say "thank you"! While enforcing a trademark is something my attorney lives to do, I just hate to give him the chance. Ok enough said.

Now onto the future of Knitaway™ in Colorado, Taos and...who knows where next?

Dates for the Knitaway™ in the Rockies 2008 in Winter Park, Colorado, (2 sessions) and in Taos, New Mexico, (3 sessions) will be up on my website, this coming week. All the details will be there too. Actually the dates have already been published in the current issue of Interweave Knits magazine in the classifieds under "special events". Registration starts the 15th of January, 2008.

2008 is going to be a fabulous year for Knitaways™!

So the Knitaway blog is launched. I look forward to spending time here. Hope you will, too.