Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time does fly!

Now, some of my more experienced blogging friends have told me that it's nice to post on your blog more than once every 10 weeks or so. OK. I'll try to do better. All my writing juices have been going into finishing my new book, Folk Jackets, which will be out from Interweave Press this fall. Lots of new designs and lots of sleeve stitches over the needles! So I may sound a bit spacey. The fact that I wished someone happy birthday yesterday and her birthday isn't for a month yet...well that might give you an idea of where I am.... uh, what day is it?

On the Knitaway ™ side, we mailed out all of the 2008 invitations the last week of December. It was like sending 100's of Happy New Year cards. I really enjoy the process that goes into the Knitaways from updating the mailing list and mailing the cards each December to preparing the workshops and packing my car to drive to the lodges. Most treasured during this process are the notes that arrive in the mail over the following months with the registrations. While I am a huge user of email, I still like the hand-written note; a note really gives you a feel for the person in their choice of the paper or card, the color of the ink, the flow of the handwriting. Even just a couple of sentences written in this busy age seems like a gift. Nice. If you've already sent in your registration, you'll be getting your confirmation in the next few days. I look forward to seeing you all in Taos or Colorado.

We've been having sub-zero temperatures here this week. Thinking about summer in the Colorado Rockies, with the wildflowers, the alpen glow, the hummingbirds, and a whole bunch of knitters helps keep the hearth and heart warm around here. Hope you are having a warming winter, too.