Monday, December 2, 2013

With My Little Scissors

     I did it.  I've been contemplating doing it ever since last winter.  Finally the weight of the matter became too much to bear.  What's so serious you ask?  Cutting up a sweater is!

     Some of you  might remember the post from last December when I proudly donned my tunic length version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Hurry up Last Minute Sweater.  I do love this garment, but last winter it  became apparent that I do not live in a cold enough climate to wear it more than once a year.  Since EZ was the one who taught me to be a thinking knitter as well as to be a "cut up" when it comes to my knitting, I got on my mark (mustard yellow yarn makes a beautifully bright basting thread on grey).......

I got set (two rows of machine stitching on each side of the basting)... and I just took the scissors to it.

     What will I cook up for a fabulous new front? A hemmed band seems most likely.  As I'm considering the options I've been wearing my new Hurry Up Last Minute Coat just as it is.  We've got very cold weather coming this week and I'm ready.  It's raw and unfinished with new possibilities,  it is much more comfy as a coat than as a pullover, and I love it all the more for having provided an adventure in knitting as well as a demonstration for my Tuesday Studio Knitters.   Sometimes you just have to make the cut.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you're brave! I want to start a Lopi cardigan soon, and its knit in the round, so I'll have to steek for the first time. The thought of steeking is scary!

    I think your tunic looks even nicer as a coat :)

    Sharon Z.