Monday, December 16, 2013

Simple Gifts

     I almost never set myself up to be knitting gifts when this busy week comes along, but this year I find myself with a major gift still on the needles, body not complete and two sleeves beckoning.  I can't show it to you yet, lest I give away the surprise, but I will say that I am very glad it is knit circularly with sleeves from the top, so the finishing will be simple.  I'll have just a couple of ends to tuck in and hopefully I'll get to do a real blocking.  In Colorado it just might get dry before being wrapped up.  So here I am then, along with many of you, and the Christmas knitting marathon has begun.  I think I'll make it, but I'd best be knitting in all spare (and unobserved) moments.
    Just in case you find yourself with another last minute gift to get off the needles, here's a pattern I'd like to share with you.  I call it Simple Gifts because that's what it makes, and quickly too, being worked in a worsted to Aran weight yarn.  It also works well for guys as a neck or ear cuff and even as a hat.  All options included.
    So here's my simple gift to you, from knitter to knitter, in the spirit of the season and during this wonderfully exciting week of flying needles.  I think I'll knit up a bunch of these after the holidays just to relax and to be ready for next year.  Great projects for knitting for the good, too.  Here's hoping that this year's marathon runs smoothly for you.  Enjoy!
     Now, I gotta get back to my knitting! 

                                                                   Simple Gifts 
                                                                Cheryl Oberle © 2013

                                                                   Simple Gifts                                                     
Simple Gifts is worked in a favorite old stitch pattern called "mistake stitch" ribbing; you are basically working every row as K2, P2 ribbing on an odd number of stitches.  It seems magical that what appears to be a mistake becomes a clever stitch pattern.  It is reversible and the flat piece can be worn wrapped and pinned or it can be sewn together to make a circular cuff for your neck or ears as shown in the photo. Knit a bit more and there’s a hat.  You can simply have them all!

Yarn:    approx. 200 yd / 183 m  of  worsted weight or Aran weight yarn
Needles:  24” circular or straight needle size 9 or size needed to obtain gauge
 (Tip: use one size smaller needle for Ear Cuff/Hat.  See gauge and measurements below)
Gauge:   Neck Cuff:  14 sts and 20 rows per 4 inches in Pattern St.
               Ear Cuff/ Hat: 16 sts and 24 rows

Flat Neck piece (or Cuff)
One size approx. 21.5 inches long (or circumference)
Ear Cuff or Hat
One size approx. 18.75 inches circumference

Co 75
Pattern Stitch
Row 1:  *K2, p2; repeat from * to last 3 sts, k2, p1.

Repeat row 1 until piece measures 8 inches for Neck or Ear Cuff or 10" for Hat.  Bind off in pattern.

Wear the flat piece wrapped, add a pretty pin, perhaps add a button and a button loop.  Or sew short edges together to form a circle and pull over your head for your neck or your ears.   Or knit to 10” instead of 8",  fold in half to sew the short ends together and then sew one long edge together for
a hat!  Cozy!

Cheryl Oberle © 2013



  1. Love it Cheryl. A great way to use up all those leftover bits from sweaters and shawls. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thank you so much for your gift to all of us! I need a hat for a young child and will probably start this one tomorrow - thank you very much! I typically don't make myself stressed with gift knitting this time of the year, but I still have miles to go to finish a men's "large" pullover sweater...all stockinette! I have even knit at the movies - a first for me, but I need to use every bit of time I can find!
    Merry Christmas, Cheryl - and thanks again f or your generosity!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one knitting down a sweater for Christmas, Maureen! Hope your little one likes their cozy gift. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.