Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knitaway Days Fly By!

      Here are some photo highlights of the last couple days of the Knitaway in the Studio.  We studied Shetland Shawls, explored favorite LYS's, shared knitting triumphs and challenges, and enjoyed so much more.  What a talented and inspiring group of knitters!  Take a look.....

Claudia's fun.....

and Intarsia wow!

Beautiful treats

Bob's collection of toys by Susan B. Anderson

Jayne admiring Jo's Ice Queen design by Romi

And then....

Jo choosing yarn for a Highland Triangle Shawl

Oh!  More treats!

Jayne's bag find at Knit Knack

And Rosy's Icelandic Wonder

My conclusion?   Sweet Knitaway days simply fly by too quickly.... 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Session One Day two

Is there anything more fetching than the graceful drape of a silky shawl around the shoulders?    The Knitters all cast on the new Knitaway shawl, Arachne's Bower, and the knitted lace has begun. 

We've been bolstered in our diligent work by a lovely walk to Wild Yarns and the discovery of a new ice cream shop in the neighborhood, Sweet Cow.  "Simply Moolicious" as they say.  Their coconut ice cream, my personal benchmark, is the best!  ' Twas simply a great day at the Knitaway.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knitaway is On the Way

     Knitaway Session I is officially on it's way.  We had a great time talking and knitting this afternoon, getting to know each other, sharing stories about how we learned to knit, and admiring what's currently on our needles.
    We are focusing on Shetland shawls and I have a lots of wonderful information to share about one of my favorite knitting traditions.   I have a small collection of shawls from Shetland that I came across some years back while I taught knitting in Lerwick.   I just loaned the Denver Art Museum one of these beauties to be displayed in their newly expanded textile art department.  It's a hand knit stole with a beautiful play of patterns using a handspun single-ply Shetland wool.  Always such a joy to see the work of a knitter's hands.
      It's going to be a great Knitaway!