Friday, December 14, 2012

Calling All Snowflakes

       The Hurry-up Last Minute Sweater is done and being cozily worn.  As usual, it was fascinating working with EZ's instructions to get such interesting detail and fit.  Always a joy to see that brilliant mind at work.  I did deviate from the original in making this sweater considerably longer than called for.  I had a plan, you see.

     As some of you already know about me, I often operate on the premise that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.  In this tunic I can make a snow angel and not get a wet derriere.  With tights and boots it's cute enough (and warm enough) to wear to a holiday party in an igloo or an ice palace.  So I'm ready for the snow.  Where is that white stuff?



  1. This was a fun knit, though I found the yarn I used to be much more dense than is the Schoolhouse Press Sheepsdown. So I may do another version too, using Sheepsdown, to compare. I have a couple ideas in my noodle. For this tunic though, I think the weight of the yarn I used is perfect. Makes it hang really well. Was a bit hard to manage at the end though. Like wrestling with a big friendly animal.

  2. Looks smashing and comfy!! Gotta give it a try!! More fun than lifting weights??
    Hope you get lots of chances to enjoy it, snowangels or parties!
    No snow in Cinti, OH either!