Friday, May 27, 2011

From the Heartland

While visiting family this month in central Kansas, we came upon Heartland Farm, an organic alpaca farm project of the Dominican Sisters outside of Great Bend.  Sister Jane kindly gave us a tour and what a joy it was.  From the charming, freshly shorn, alpacas to the wild beehive and organic veggie garden, this is a little piece of heaven on earth. 
Interior of the former silo now a community space
Sister Jane and friend

Shall we Chicken Dance?
Silo exterior

 Oh and I acquired a bit of their handspun alpaca yarn as well.  To become...well you'll see it in another post soon .....

Friday, May 6, 2011

Notes from the 2011 MKG Yarnover

 Our April 30th weekend in Minnesota at the Yarnover was just too short....We had a great time! Take a look...

A Marvelous Market

Some of my wonderful (and studious) students.

Count again!

Knitting and Notation

And some Fine Faroese Mini Shawls

Think about adding the Yarnover to your knitting adventure list in the near future.  You'll be glad you did.