Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Goodie Bag Hat

A new hat came off the needles over the holiday weekend. 
It has come to be called The Goodie Bag Hat. 

  The cold weather is creeping up on us here and every year I face the dilemma of finding a hat that really stays on with my wild head of hair.  My hair physically and actively resists the dreaded "hat head" by simply pushing off any topper I put on. And my ears get cold!  A solution came to me this week.  The Goodie Bag Hat is a tube knit circularly, with yarn over eyelets through which a simple draw string creates a closure at the top. Just sitting on the table, the hat looks like a little bag of goodies,  everyone's favorite thing to see this time of year.  Hence the moniker, " The Goodie Bag Hat".

     The deep and warm garter stitch border utilizes my recently unvented method of garter stitching in the round that I call (with a wink) Gartering Arownd.  That's sewing up.  Some of you may have tried this, having come across it in the new version of  Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten Jacket pattern where Meg was kind enough to include it.  It's a pretty good solution I've been told, for those of us who like our garter stitch to be all knit rows, even in the round, thank you.
     The adjustable top closure works really well for active sports like snowshoeing too; just open the top for more ventilation as you get warmed up while keeping the frost from tipping your ears.  And if your hair wants to pop out the top, all the better!  The pattern is free below, available as a download in
my Ravelry store or just click here or on the link at the top of this post to get the pdf from my website.  A little "coming on winter" gift from me to you.  Hope you enjoy it.

It's snowing here this morning. Think I'll knit another Goodie Bag.

Cheryl Oberle’s 
The Goodie Bag Hat
© 2011

The  Goodie Bag Hat is knit in the round with a garter stitch borders and stockinette stitch top.   The technique for circular garter stitch, Gartering Arownd,  is truly circular AND knit every rownd (these are not quite rows and not really rounds, so while knitting this technique let’s call them “rownds”); there’s no purling and no sewing!  Yee ha!  Near the top of hat, yarn overs create eyelets through which a drawstring is pulled to make an adjustable closure for the crown.

Yarn:     Heavy Worsted weight. approximately 170 yards.
Needles::  16” circular size 8 or size needed to obtain gauge;
Notions:  Stitch Markers

Gauge: 16sts and 24 rows per 4 inches in Stockinette St.

Finished size: circumference: 20 inches (see note #1)

#1:  To make a different size simply add or subtract stitches in sets of 10 sts.  At the given gauge, this will alter the circumference of the hat by 2.5 inches either way and will keep the yarn over placement at the top in the correct sequence. Alternatively, use the numbers as given but change the gauge to increase or decrease the circumference;  i.e. a lighter weight yarn knit at 5 sts to the inch will make a smaller hat.)

#2:  While the pattern is written to utilize it, Gartering Arownd is optional. You may knit the bottom border in garter stitch flat and sew it up afterwards.   In that case you will not join on the first round of the border nor will you purl one round (just knit on), BUT you will need to remember to join the stitches to knit in the round above the garter stitch border.


K = knit
P  = purl
St(s)  = stitch(es)
YO   = yarn over
k2tog = knit two together

Gartering Arownd right side stitch detail

CO 80.  Place a marker on the needle to indicate the beginning of the round, join, being sure stitches are not twisted and set up by purling one round (the only purl row around!  This just makes a nice ridge on the bottom).

Gartering Arownd: All Knit Circular Garter Stitch Border
Rownd 1 (RS):  Knit to the end of the rownd, (leave marker on left hand needle.)  K into the rownd below the next st. on left- hand needle, pass the last knitted st of the rownd over this new st, turn.

Rownd 2 (WS):  Slip the first st as if to p wyib, give the yarn a good tug to tighten it up and k to end of row, turn.

Tip #1:  when “knitting into the rownd below” on rownd 1,  you may choose to knit into the stitch above the “ridge” or into the stitch under the “ridge” of the last rownd (this second option is actually two rownds below).  Just be consistent in your choice!

Tip # 2:  Mark the RS of the fabric to easily tell which rownd you are on.  Placing the marker in the fabric to the right of the beginning of the RS rownd will alert you to the upcoming knitting events!  
Repeat rownds 1 and 2 fourteen more times; 15 times total. At the end of the last Rownd 2, do not turn, but continue in stockinette st around. Keep marker on the needle to indicate the beginning of the round  (Now you are working in regular rounds; join your knitting if you have knit the border flat instead of using Gartering Arownd.  See note below)

NOTE: the crown is knit in traditional circular stockinette st; knit every round, and do not turn at end of round.
Knit all rounds until crown (above garter st border) measures
4 1/2 inches.

Work the Yarn Over Round as follows:
*K3, k2tog, YO; repeat from * around.

Knit all rounds until the crown measures  2 inches above the Yarn Over Round.

Top Border:  Work Gartering Arownd (or flat garter) for 6 more rownds,  binding off in knit on the last Rownd 2 (WS).

            Make a 26”drawstring cord using twisted cord, crocheting a chain,  or even using ribbon (cute baby hat!).  Lace the drawstring through the yarn overs, beginning on the side opposite the join.

Tie ’er up and keep warm!

Please drop by for more knitting ideas.

Oh and..Enjoy your Goodie Bag!


  1. What a fun pattern, Cheryl and ideal for your hair - which, by the way, I would LOVE TO HAVE!

  2. LOVE your wild hair-I have the same kind! Thanks for the cool hat pattern!

  3. Brilliant! I love the big garter stitch border. My hair's really short so my ears are always cold. - Theresa

  4. You could also wear this as a neckwarmer, too!

  5. Brilliant pattern! I have some Aran yarn to make this up in and use it for a running hat. It has a nice wide garter stitch brim which will provide extra warmth for the ears. Thanks for being so creative! I love it already.