Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mystery Winding Up

Just a quick post this morning to let you see the first sample hank of the Mystery Wool.

         I plyed it yesterday, using the rule of matching plying twists to crimp waves in the wool.  I like it.  It is soft, not wire-y (which I've heard that Romney can become when twisted/plyed too hard) and has a beautiful drape and sheen.  It's a bit fuzzy (I like that too) and I'll be interested to see if it gets more fuzzy after knitting and use.  Right now it is wrapped around my neck inside my turtleneck  up against my bare skin.  This is my personal "testing ground".  It is so soft that  I even forgot that it was there.  The Mystery Wool is very wearable.
       I'm itching (no pun intended ) to get it on the needles and give it a test knit.  First though  I want to show it to my spinning friends who will meet here in the Studio today.   There are some real experts in that gang and I'll get their feedback on my technique.  Then I'm ready to ply the rest of the first two bobbins.
      I seem to always think "Shawl" when I get some hand spun off the wheel.  Why is that, do you suppose?


  1. That is beautiful. And I agree, it would make a gorgeous shawl.

  2. Shawls surely are fun and probably my favorite thing to wear right now. The solstice is nigh!