Sunday, December 11, 2011

On and Off the Needles

          I try to have a new shawl ready to wear on Christmas each year.  This year's shawl is yet another variation on the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls, this time with long tails and an altered application of the lace pattern.  I enjoy doing variations on a theme.  There seems to be endless possibilities in some ideas.  It's sort of like shawls that exist in parallel universes; they are similar but each has a life of its own.  This one is definitely red, Crimson to be exact, in my Dancing Colors hand-dyed yarn. Crimson is one of the Reflections colors, tonal, with highlights but with not too much color variation.   I prefer this for lace patterns as I hate to see my lace work disappear into a swarm of colors.  Just me.

And off the needles last night, another Goodie Bag Hat using Noro Kureyon is great earth tones.

It's a gift for my Dear Fellow who has been asking if guys can wear the Goodie Bag Hat too.  A hint, I believe?  I think it's pretty good in these colors.  More rugged but still fun.  I'll  definitely take it if he's not crazy for it, though I think he'll look mighty handsome in it.  I might be prejudiced, do you think?

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