Sunday, October 23, 2022

RE: Knitting

[The hinge squeeks as Cheryl opens the long-closed door to the Knitaway blog.“Seven years and not a speck of dust,” she muses. She settles herself at the keyboard, smiling in anticipation of once again writing about knitting.]

Change. We know it too well. The chaos of the last seven years has seen everyone’s history swept up and carried on to events, people, and places that few could have imagined.  Here we are, here I am and I can finally, with much gratitude, say that I am home. Through it all has been the Knitting, providing both focus and comfort in the midst of transformation, just as it has done for my whole life. That’s what it does. Knitting abides.* 

There's been a lot of wool over the needles since the move from Big City to Tiny Town. The most interesting parts of the “missing” years will, no doubt, show up here and there in future blogs. My intention is as before, to share with you thoughts on all things knit. We are fortunate enough to be living in the midst of the knitting renaissance, and thanks to the sharing of their genius by many, I find myself continuing to learn techniques, old and new. I have a backlog of designs and I’ve uncovered a few surprises from the past. I look forward to again exploring it all with you, knitter to knitter, one post at a time.

Now is the Right Time.

* A tip of the needle to “the Dude”.