Monday, December 9, 2013


      It is such a busy time of year, so much to do, so many people to remember.  I've been spending some time each day "remembering" people I'll never meet. 

      I've made it a practice of late to spend thirty minutes each day knitting for the good, giving it forward.  I know thousands of you knitters out there do the same thing, holding space in your knitting time to create something for someone who might desperately need warmth and a loving touch to help them remember that they are connected, important, essential to the whole that we are as humanity.  It is all so simple.  Knitting a hat that will warm someone I'll never see or get to talk to gives me a special feeling of connection that is beyond words.  It's a connection that comes right from the heart and goes right to the heart.  Direct.  Inspired.  Expansive.
      To all of you who practice this way, thank you for what you are doing.  It makes a difference in more ways than you know.  To those of you who think you can't do much with just a few minutes each day, give it a go.  Knit a few stitches with your morning coffee.  Hats happen.   And to all of you who want to see what's up with this, just slip in ten minutes a day on a hat or scarf that you intend to donate to your favorite good.  There are many choices out there.  Here's one of my favorites
    It's knitting for the heart and soul, and you and the world will benefit more than words can say.


  1. Cheryl, do you belong to the Peace Pod in Arvada, or are you a solitary w4w knitter?

    1. Hi Nancy, I'm a solitary so far. Just learned about this great group this summer. I was just doing the daily knitting on my newest hat for the group. I do drop off my things at Knit Knack Yarn Shop in Arvada though.

    2. Beautiful, Cheryl. I've been knitting hats for preemies and kids in Gaza for a while. I wish I could send a few hundred more of them right now where they are suffering as a result of flooding and winter and complete lack of fuel and electricity.

  2. What a wonderful idea. I just now jotted this down for the new year. I am feeling lately like I need to be knitting for others and I think this would be a great "habit" for the new year.