Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's September!

As it often does, the summer has flown so quickly by.  Now it's September!  And in 10 days we'll be at Session II of the Knitaway in the Rockies in Winter Park.

Session I in June was an incredible experience.  A fabulous group of talented knitters from all over the country, perfect weather (the one rain storm produced a magnificent dusk rainbow over the continental divide..quite a sight), and alpacas. And even better than that, baby alpacas.  We were invited take an afternoon jaunt to Lonesome Stone in Granby, Colorado to  meet the new members of the alpaca herd and to tour the mill ... and yarn shop. Ummmm!  Such serene and engaging creatures are the alpacas that I could hardly get the knitters to leave the field to go yarn shopping.  I managed to do so however and stash enhancement happened. 

So now the end of next week the next group of knitters will arrive  and we're going to visit the alpacas again. We'll probably see the aspen starting to turn and the last of the summer wildflowers gracing the sides of the walking paths.  Autumn beginning in the high country has a  particular feeling, a scent, almost a taste.  It is one of my favorite annual experiences and  thank goodness for the Knitaway to make sure that I get up there to enjoy every September.  Oh yes,  and then there's the knitting!

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