Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three Stop Shop Hop: Episode Three

Rosy and I ended the first day of the Three Stop Shop Hop at one of my favorite shops in the world, 

 "Shuttles", as the regulars call it, is for me more than just another shop.  Since they opened 19 years ago this month, the shop has been a fiber arts mecca on the front range.  I have a special spot in my heart for Shuttles since it was here, back in 1997, that while attending my Faroese Shawl class at at Shuttles, an editor from Interweave Press suggested that I write a book on shawls.  The idea was interesting, especially since at the time there were very few shawl patterns, let alone books, from which to knit or teach.  The editor, Jillian Moreno, now of Knitty.com and Big Girl Knits fame (but who's dropping names?) was most convincing and the crew at Shuttles was most encouraging.  Folk Shawls was the result. 

I am still honored to occasionally have the opportunity to teach for Shuttles, joining their incredible list of regular and world re-known visiting instructors. In fact my next class at here is this November,  Shawls from the Center.  Lots of times I'm joining the students, too.  I most recently learned to use my Ladybug spinning wheel in Maggie Casey's Beginning Spinning on a Wheel class.

Maggie, author of Start Spinning, is one of the owners of Shuttles, along with Judy Steinkoenig, weaver and teacher extraordinaire.  Between them and their staff of teachers and coworkers the breadth of fiber knowledge is astounding.
What about the yarn? Do they have yarn!  From loads of colors of our favorites to special one-of-a-kind hand-dyed skeins, it's here.  And spinning fiber, and dyes, and wheels, and looms.  The book section is huge and well organized and includes DVDs and lots of fiber related magazines, back issues too. 

Last but not least, Shuttles has shuttles.

I brought home some lovely Polworth roving and the new
Great book, gorgeous fibers, terrific shop.  What more need I say? Can you hear me purring?

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  1. Thank you so much for your descriptions of the shops and the great photos. We don't have shops like that here, so it is always nice to see what you got on the other side of the big pond.