Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mountain and Plains Shawl

The Mountain and Plains Shawl, which had it's debut at Stitches West last weekend, is now up in my Ravelry shop.  I'll be busy for the next few weeks in the dye room filling Dancing Colors yarn orders for this one.  It was a great show! Thanks to all of you who came by to visit.  I so enjoy spending time with so many beautiful knitters.

PS: I just realized that I already posted this photo a few weeks ago, before the pattern was done.....sigh.. Guess I'd better catch up on sleep now, too.  


  1. That is very pretty, how can you get a pattern. I am just learning to knit, so will I be able to do this? Just don't ask any of the girls on Thursday night knitting, they would say yes. But, still how hard it this.
    Susan Oelke

  2. Hi Susan, sorry for the delay. Technical issues on the blog.
    I would rate this one as an advanced beginner to intermediate. And your knitting group is right..if you want it you can do it. Bet they would help you!