Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Days

      These spring days flow by like a gentle breeze.  Look at the bouquet the garden devas left for us this week.  Each day they are open, the roses grow more deeply colored.  It is simply beautiful to watch.

        There's always good news in the Studio.  A new shawl is off the needles and here's a bit of stitch detail for your perusal.  Yes, I have a thing for green this spring.   This is another Faroese shawl, one of the shawls we'll be exploring at the Knitaway in the Studio in October.  Join us if you please.  There's still some room for you in either session.  

     Having just acquired an electric carder from a dear friend on a long term loan, below are some batts of Perendale ready for the Tour de fleece that begins June 30th.  

      I'm off now to pick strawberries in the garden and then finish plying some Romney to free up the wheel for a Perendale test spin.   Oh and then there are three new swatches on today's schedule.  June days do fly!

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  1. An electric carder...how fun! Your shawl looks beautiful.