Thursday, May 2, 2013

Session II, a snowy start

      Another spring storm blanketed the Studio Garden yesterday, just in time for the Knitaway Session II knitters to arrive.  It was the best kind of snow though, wet and beautiful but not sticking on the pavement.  Just enough to grace the grape hyacinth with chilly frosting.  White rain.

    Here's a glimpse of  the Studio right before the knitters arrived.  I love my knitting corner, especially when the room is filled with other knitters.   It's warm and cozy in here today and I look forward to some lively knitting with this charming group.   Oh! and the sun is brightly shining,

    The Studio space certainly embraces a smaller number of knitters than the old Knitaways used to draw.  I have to admit that I am liking the the new, more intimate dynamic.  The good old days of 25 lovely knitters taking over a lodge were fantastic, no mistake about it. Great memories.  Now though, with seven Knitaway knitters in each session, I can actually spend time with each one and get a feel for what they are knitting.  Plus it's never really been my style to need a megaphone (or a sound system) to share the gentle topic of knitting.  Just sayin'.  Different times, different Knitaway...change is very good.
     Can you tell I'm happy in my work?  Now....  Let the Shetland Shawls begin!


  1. Oh, it makes me want to take a Calgon moment and escape away to a Knitaway!

    1. Wish you were here, Penny We had some good laughs and great discussions on knitting today.. And more Cupcakes! Another fun and inspiring group. I am sooo fortunate in my knitting friends ! ^-^