Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Springtime Reminder

If you are like me you've already been swept up in the hustle of spring activites.  The first blush is already showing on the berries.   And weeding has become a daily ritual in the Studio garden.

     As it is time to be storing away our winter woolies, I wanted to remind you that proper hand-washing is the first line of defense to keep those woolens safe from marauding wool eaters.  Nothing a M--H ( it is a four letter word after all) likes better than the accumulated debris of a winter's wearing.

  My hand-washing guide will tell you how to do this annual act of kindness for your precious knitted garments.  Really it's easy.  And don't forget to tuck a wee bit of lavender or artemisia, or a nice bar of naturally scented soap in the cupboard with the clean sweaters.  I do that with my un-spun fleeces too.  A little extra defense never hurts.

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