Monday, February 17, 2014

DAM Good Knitting

      I finally got down to the Denver Art Museum's new textile floor to see the Thread Studio that opened to much acclaim in May, 2013.  There in the center of the lace making exhibit hangs the Shetland stole, knitted by E.B. Manson, that I collected in Lerwick some years ago while I was there teaching knitting.  It's a beautiful hand-spun, hand knit stole, and the docent who was sitting in the gallery spinning told me that the shawl has been inspiring spinners to try hone their skills to such fine yarn.  It is a wonderful piece and I'm so pleased that the DAM has given it a gorgeous showcase.

   I have to say I was sadly surprised to see that the description card had no mention of the knitter's name.  I was especially happy to have supplied the curators with that information as so many gorgeous textile pieces are anonymous, the maker lost in history.  Well as they say, "Anonymous was a woman", and apparently she still is.  But you and I know.....

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  1. Oooh. I want to make a wedding ring shawl or scarf now. Never heard of that. Off to Ravelry. Thanks.