Monday, May 5, 2014

Birds Nest Shawl KAL

      We've got a KAL goin' on in the Knitaway Group on Ravelry for the Birds Nest Shawl from

     Today is the "official" cast on day and my swatch is almost dry.  Get into your stash or hit the LYS  and join us.  We are pretty relaxed on our KALs.  It's all about having an excuse to knit together.
      Yes, I swatch even for shawls and especially when using a yarn that is new to me. It's a superwash too which seems to often give me surprising results.  Always block the swatch too.  I'm very glad I did on this one as it blocked out half an inch wider than expected  That's makes a quarter of a stitch per inch difference in the gauge and added up over the entire length of the shawl that's an increase in length of 4.5 inches.  I'm ok with that. This version is a gift for a tall Scandinavian friend who can carry the extra length, but imagine if this was a  garment that had to fit.  Like a sweater for instance.  Just a quarter of a stitch per inch makes a big, maybe deal breaking, difference.  You get my point here.....Swatch, please.
        You can see it's a gorgeous yarn and the color, Sugar Plum, perfect for my friend who has a penchant for roses.

 It's Celeste from Luna Grey Fiber Arts, an indie dyer from the western slope of Colorado.  She is doing some really beautiful colors.  I found the yarn at  one of my LYS, Colorful Yarns, but she's on Etsy too for those of you who aren't near me.  

Some of you probably know that I rarely work with superwash for reasons I'll not go into here.  Just really a personal preference I suppose.  We all have them.  My friend will greatly appreciate the easy care aspect. And this color and feel was irresistible.  I can be convinced.  I am ultimately more practical than I am stubborn.
     So will you join us?  Some of the knitters in this KAL have already knit the Bird's Nest Shawl but, like me, found another yarn tempting enough to have another go at it.  It's a pleasant knit, I think.  I may be prejudiced.  And this brings up an interesting question.  How often do you knit  the same pattern again?  Ever? Often?  Please leave a comment with your opinions and insights below.  Inquiring designers want to know. 
      Hope to see you at the KAL.


  1. I have not knit this shawl yet, and I've not tried a I must look at my yarns for a suitable one for this shawl. I normally do not knit a design or pattern twice. I like variety. See you on the KAL.
    BTW....I am 100% Norwegian and grow roses... Sheryl H

    1. Oh do join us, Sheryl. You'll be able to knit this one in your rose garden!

  2. Some patterns I do knit over and over again. I've made dozens of mittens using the same pattern, as well as hats, vests and socks. Having never made a shawl or adult size sweater, I can't say whether or not I would knit the same pattern again.

    1. I'm like that too, Nancy. I have favorite "recipes' for both hats and socks that I always have some of going in my basket. Just have them memorized by now. That's real comfort knitting !