Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gifts of the Season

From  June's roses to harvest and now whoosh! the summer has passed.   Look with what scrumptious delights I was gifted yesterday!  An urban farmer (and dear friend) shared her bounty!

      This has been an unusual summer full of inspiration and expansion. There are big changes afoot here at home and in the studio.  This summer has seen us make a big decision to relocate lock, stock, and barrel (and yarn, and paintings, and studios) to the beautiful western slope of Colorado.  You'll be hearing more about it as I intend to blog the process of change from our urban home base of 30+ years to our dream of simple country living.  As with any major event in my life I will be knitting my way through it all.  The Knitaways in October will be the last big events for my Studio here, but look for our new location to tempt you to come to a future Knitaway there.   It's all in the works....
      How many of you have made a major move like this?  Any advice?  And can you tell me why I ever thought keeping all this stuff was a good idea?  BTW, yarn is not "stuff". ^-^


  1. The western slope is the best. I know I am prejudiced as Russ and I met in Cortez when he was operations manager and morning DJ at KRTZ-FM and I was teaching high school and junior college English on the Navajo Reservation but living in Cortez. Many long distance moves in my history including two across country.

  2. So you definitely "get it", Nancy! A year ago I really never would have thought we'd be doing this now. Things move along very quickly sometimes. And Now is the right time.