Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spinning in the Rockies

Spent some time in the high country this last week.  It is much cooler at 9100 feet than at 5000. We were at my family's cabin which is, as you can see, remote, and very rustic.  I like to think of it as camping with a real bed.  I took a spindle along for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed getting some high altitude spinning done.  I was spinning some lovely Polworth dyed by Chris of Briar Rose Fibers.  Her colors are amazing and I couldn't resist getting a picture of fiber and spindle in that glorious summer light. 
This little current bush offered to be a prop for the beauty shot.  I did come away with the fiber ball full of cranky ants though.  So there was some shaking and brushing off and general squealing that went on for a few minutes.  In the end, fiber, spinner, current bush and camera came out of it just fine.  The ants?  Well we can only hope for the best.


  1. I love the Colorado mountains! We lived in a Denver suburb for 5 years and got up into the mountains every chance we got. My kids were both camping by the age of 8 months or so. Enjoy.

  2. Great photos. I always love it to see other places in the world via blogs. And I am glad to see you also cannot go anywhere for more than a few hours without something to spin.

    Have you checke Montucky in my Blog Roll? He has amazing photos of the Rockies.