Monday, August 15, 2011

Three Stop Shop Hop: Episode Two

Episode Two finds us in Boulder, Colorado,
at Gypsy Wools, a fiber arts gem in the heart of historic downtown.  Next door to the beautiful Hotel Boulderado, the petite, sunlit shop is a welcoming spot for finding lovely hand-dyed yarn and great spinning fibers.

The spinning treats are what really brought me in.  Proprietor, spinner, and dyer, Barb Day, does a great job of stocking things that you just don't find elsewhere in Colorado.  Like long wool roving, extremely easy and satisfying to spin, and a varying array of beautiful natural colored fleeces and locks.  If you, like me,  are interested in breed specific fiber and heritage breeds, the staff here has hands on experience with the fiber and will gladly share their expertise.
Natural colored Long wools. So many breeds to try!
The vibrant, locally produced hand-dyed yarns and roving are tempting too, even to someone like me who "dyes her own".  I can spot quality and I definitely saw it here.

Spinners delight
Barb tends shop while award-winning spinner, Michele, gives an assist

 As frosting on the cake, Gyspy Wools also carries fine embroidery and needlepoint supplies including lovely linen fabrics and hand-painted canvases.  The hand-dyed embroidery thread display is  itself a work of art.
And what, pray tell, did I add to my own collection?  This spindle winked at me as I walked by and then joined some long wool in my basket.
 I said I came in for the spinning goods.  And glad I am for it.


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    what a gorgeous shop. You are lucky to have those shops in your area.
    So what is the grey wool you bought? Romney x Lincoln?

    And you might like this Ravelry group


  2. Hi Brigitte,
    Great to see you here!
    The grey wool is a beautiful Romney from a ewe named "mom" and the brown is a Shetland. You have a terrific eye for wool. I've spun with both now and they are delicious.

    Thanks for the Ravelry link.