Friday, April 13, 2012

Kimono Shawl in the news!

What a nice surprise it was for me to hear that in the latest edition of Knitting Traditions, one of my favorite Interweave Press publications, the editors have kindly included the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls.  Made my day, to say the least.   Check for it at your LYS or order it through my website, and please do take a look .  It is another great issue form the editors of Piecework Magazine.


  1. How did they do in this issue with making it clear when patterns are true reproductions verses when a pattern is simply inspired by a historic pattern? I loved the inspired by patterns in last year's....they are often nicer for use in real life, as long as they are so labeled, so as to not confuse people.

    1. I haven't delved too deeply in to the details yet on this issue but as I remember many are "inspired by". I agree those are often the most wearable/useful. That's one of my own favorite ways to work, taking inspiration from the beautiful textiles of the past.

  2. The Kimono Shawl is one of my most treasured knits. It's a must knit!