Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knitaway...the days

     The fourth day of the Knitaway® has arrived and the last three have been filled with techniques and excitement.  What an incredible group of knitters here at the Studio!  They are  keeping me on my toes finding more and more  to teach them and the flow of learning is constant and strong.  Whew!  This is good knitting!
     I demonstrated for the group yet another very stretchy bind off and wanted to share it with you all too.  It is a favorite of mine created by a friend and fellow knitter on Ravelry, Beyenburgerin.  It makes a flexible and decorative edging that many really like on garter stitch.   I use it when ever I want the bind off to really make a statement, have a presence and still be flexible. I call it the BBBO and it goes like this:

*K2 tog, place yarn in front of the left needle, slip the new stitch (the one just made by k2 tog) back onto the left needle with the yarn still in front, place yarn back behind the left needle;  repeat from *.

     You have actually wrapped the yarn around the base of the k2 tog and then you proceed.  The wrapping gives the bind off more stretch and a lovely decorative, "corded " appearance.  I blocked the edge out into points in the photo so you can see how flexible the BBBO really is, with lots of give  to suit the shawl's expansion.
     And what does BBBO stand for you might ask?  Well for Brigitte's Brilliant Bind Off of course!

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