Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fiber Fiber Everywhere

June has been a very fluffy month in the Studio. Getting ready for my  booth this week (July 7-9) at the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo  (Yes! and there's knitting too!) has kept me very close to the dye pots.
The view through one cocoon
For years I've had a love of Mawata silk hankies.  Some of you might remember the Knitaway in Taos when we spent the entire session exploring the history and possibilites of this fiber source.  Being silk, they dye like a dream.  This week I got into my  precious stash and dyed some for the booth.  It amazes me that each  "hanky" is actually a stack of individual silk cocoons which can be pulled off, drafted and knit directly or spun on spindle or wheel.  Lots of possibilities in surface design and papermaking as well.   Clever little silk worms... please accept our deep gratitude for your beautiful fiber. 
I'll have a spindle going at the booth if you'd like to see for yourself.  Please come by Booth #16 and say hello.  
Mawata drying on the line. A different kind of prayer flag

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