Monday, July 25, 2011

Spinner's Tale

My spinning wheel time the last few weeks has been spent exploring the joys of Romney, a lovely long wool fiber that nearly spins itself. Yesterday morning found the bobbin full of 2 ply ready to be turned into a skein. 

Too little coffee and a newbie spinner's version of buck fever resulted in a niddy noddy session gone wrong.  Note to self: there must be four, not three, wraps on the nid.

Three hours of nonstop de-tangling later (I am a de-tangling pro), the skein was saved with the help of some reliable tools.  In the end I lost only a couple of inches of yarn and added just one join to the formerly unbroken skein.  That's a small price to pay for such a very impressive lesson.

Now the twist is set and this 250 yards / 3.5 oz skein of Romney is  ready to knit.  There will be others.  The bobbin on the wheel is already half full.  
Knitted lace.  A new shawl with a tale to tell.  Yes, I think that's it. 

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