Friday, July 29, 2011

Three Stop Shop Hop: Episode One

I like things in sets of three, so three knitting shops in one day is just right. I spent a lovely day recently with my friend Rosy on a three stop shop hop.  First was Mew Mew's Yarn Shop.  
Mew Mew's carries Blacker British Breed Specific Yarns, one of my current obsessions and rather hard to find.

Sue's got yarn
Mew Mew, my dear!
Rosy was waiting for me there, knitting at the central table used for classes and all things fiber.  It felt like coming into an inviting and welcoming home to sit down at the family table.  I was greeted by both Sue and the shop's namesake, Mew Mew herself, who had not yet retired to her favorite sleeping spot under one of the knitting chairs.

Mew Mew, is that you under that chair?
Mew Mew's displays a well-chosen variety of beautiful yarns.  Sue mentioned she likes traditional yarns and knitting, a preference that is reflected in the yarns she stocks. Her fabulous purple walls and the latest issue of Rowan magazine on the table lend Mew Mew's an up to the minute vibe in the midst of warm tradition.
        The shop's community support was displayed on the clothesline filled with beautiful knitting and crochet projects donated by some very talented crafts folk /customers.  And Sue's knitting A La Carte  class is a great way to expand your knitting knowledge with personalized instruction.
 I must confess that I did add a wee bit to my yarn collection.  Sue put it in a great recycled newspaper bag from a good cause co-op in India.  Trend and tradition; the best of both knitting worlds.
Yes, that's more Blacker Yarn and some beautiful Dream in Color worsted.


  1. Tht yarn shop sounds really nice - my kind of place. I'll be especially interested to hear what you think of the North Ronaldsay yarn. I am spinning some now and it's an odd sort of fiber.

  2. It's apparently an odd sort of sheep, too. I've not spun that one yet but maybe I'll give it a go soon. Does your fiber have both coats in it? Have the guard hairs been combed out? I do have a sweater's worth of worsted weight yarn that I acquired in Orkney a few years ago. It's almost black and quite sturdy and I've been saving it for something just right. It has a classic crisp feel to it.