Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Focus, please

     With so many knitters getting ready for the Ravellenics it seemed like a good time to get to the bottom of the knitting basket and see what projects have been resting there.  My comfort level for "in process" projects is eight; I always have about eight things on the needles in various stages of design/completion.  If I get many more than that, I find my focus starts to get, uh, fuzzy.  With new shawls for the next book on the needles, focus is essential here.
      So here's what I found en masse.  Eight exactly.  All patiently waiting to be their finished selves.

     After  revisiting them it's clear that each of these projects, all shawls and sweaters, is worthy of being completed. So in the interest of clearing the decks and honing the focus, and in the spirit of the Olympic challenges that begin this week, let the knitting begin, or continue....
    All are either new designs or variations on a past design.  Many notes will be needed to document the progress and details.  The plan is to post about each project as it comes up over the next 18 days.  Now I can't guarantee that I will knit on just one project a day.  That's a bit linear for my liking.  There will no doubt be simultaneous events for different projects.  That's how I knit and I'm sticking to it.
     "Now, Cheryl", you might ask, "why don't you just join the Ravellenic games for the WIP events?"   It's the time factor.  I do love the Ravellenics, love to see people strive for personal best, and I am a devoted spectator and fan.  In fact we have a Ravellenics thread on the Knitaway group just to cheer on all the members who are on many different teams.  Everyone needs a pep squad.  That's me.  And I can knit a lot while I cheer.  From another angle, being in design as a profession, another "people are depending on me to get it done now" deadline I really don't need.  Got that down. 
       So it's the Summer Fun games for me.  And some finished projects, I hope.  We'll see if I'm up to the challenge.  It's a pretty big one.  Perhaps even Herculean.   Thank goodness I've been in training.
     Tomorrow I'll introduce the projects.  Now to find that last ball of yarn for the....oh well...more on that to come. 

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  1. Sounds good Cheryl. I look forward to seeing what each one consists of. Since you've posted this revelation, you will meet our expectations and finish them all..right?...Good plan. I'm leaving for Meg's camp today. I'll check back later.... Happy Knitting, Sheryl