Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Highland Triangle Progress

     The Highland Triangle Shawl is progressing.   The orange marker shows where it was last Friday.  One more repeat of rows (out of six) until the central triangle is done.  And the rows get longer and longer.

      Only once have I wished that I'd been using a life line.  I have to say I frequently knit without a net, or a lifeline.  I don't recommend doing that, it's just a truth of what I do.   I look at my work very carefully and often, and I count, a lot.  I rely heavily on my ability to fix lace errors where they stand.  Nevertheless, today I found an error that was beyond my ability to fix in situ so I had to rip back four rows.  Just four.  Not bad.  Picking up the stitches is the tricky bit. My method is to rip back to the pattern row where the error occurred and then take that row out carefully, stitch by stitch, picking the stitches up with a much smaller and very long needle.   A size 0 needle in the 40 inch length is a perfect pick up tool for many projects.  Then simply knit the pattern row with the original size needle, making sure to untwist any stitches that might have gotten picked up in the wrong position. It happens.

   I hope to have the last repeat done by tonight.  I'd like to be well onto the inner border of the shawl before my Highland Triangle workshop this weekend.  The inner border is a really rhythmic, easy to memorize pattern.  It's a great lace pattern to knit in a group.  And a great one on which to demonstrate the wise use of lifelines.

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