Friday, September 14, 2012

Yarn Along the Rockies... here goes!

      Just a couple days left of the first annual Yarn Along the Rockies yarn shop crawl.  After being out teaching all last week, I'm caught up on sleep and ready to get going on the event.  I know I won't make it to all the shops but I can't resist getting to as many as possible and collecting those buttons!  What a great idea the shops came up with to alleviate the pain of having to turn in the stamped passport to be in the drawing, each shop giving out a button to pin on your Yarn Along the Rockies souvenir tote bag.

 I got my bag yesterday at Knit Knack in Arvada. Getting to give Gerri Bragdon a hug made my day.  Gerri was the one who got the ball rolling, literally, on this great event by stepping up to contact all the other yarn shop owners when it was all just a dream. The shop owners have been amazing, creative and organized, in pulling this all together. Brava!
     Last evening I walked the few short blocks to Wild Yarns to check in there.  Got another button!  Kelly had her resident button-making elf (Hi Norm ^-^) in back feverishly cranking out more buttons....the turnout for this event has been stupendous!  I bet local button making machine shops are wondering why there's been a run on button making machines this week.  What fun!
   So off I go to capture a few more buttons. Oh and I know some more goodies will be following me back to the studio.  Yarn Along the Rockies simply rocks!

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