Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whirlwind Wisconsin Tour

    Just home from a whirlwind, week=long tour of Wisconsin.  From the beautiful North Woods country to Waunakee (the only one in the world), and from the fabulous Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival to Madison, I met hundreds of knitters and saw lots of dear friends.   And we knit..boy, did we knit.


      I taught two sessions of the miniature Nazo Vest workshop and over 60 knitters tackled this little puzzle.  I like nothing better than fielding questions, listening to knitters as they reason out the process and then watching the projects come off the needles.  Along with a Faroese Shawl workshop and a Lace Sampler workshop, the marvelous knitters of Wisconsin put me through my paces, and  it looks like I put them through their's as well.  Intrepid knitters all!

       All the while they made sure that I was well supplied with pie.   Have I told you all that I am absolutely crazy for good pie?  They've got it in Wisconsin!  

      Over the next few posts I'll cover the great events I attended on this trip, explore the ins and outs of some new techniques, and share the inspiration I always find on my travels.  For now I plan to sleep for a couple extra hours and knit on one of my favorite Elizabeth Zimmermann projects. Hmm which shall it be?
      You'll be hearing from me soon.....

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