Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rockin' Lace at Cowgirl Yarn

The knitters in the Lace Sampler Workshop at Cowgirl Yarn were an amazing group. They had some lace going on!  Look at some of their work, beautiful before it was even blocked.

      Getting to teach outside is always a treat.   Cowgirl has great ambiance with historic buildings all around the patio and a train whistle or two to give the feel of an old west boom town.  Barely even a  whiff of wind came through to ruffle our pattern pages. 

    It was a perfect day, with fine knitting, delicious food, and jovial companions.  Thanks to all the great knitters who participated and to Lori Kirk, the owner of Cowgirl Yarn, who made it possible.

    We topped off the weekend with a hike around Lake Marie in the Snowy Range outside of Laramie.   Now can you blame me for loving what I do?

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