Friday, August 10, 2012

After Midnight

Here it is after midnight and I'm still sewing together these granny squares that I found stashed in my studio.  My great Aunt Floris crocheted them for me while here on a visit from Pennsylvania in, I believe, 1992.   The deal was she'd crochet and I'd sew.   Oh, I don't like to sew squares together?  Never mind.  I'd best get this afghan completed.  Where do the years (and the hours) go?


  1. As a quilter, I find it very strange that I do not like to sew granny squares together. I wonder why? These are lovely.

  2. They are beautiful. I have an old afghan inherited from my aunt (who lived in the Denver area, actually...Westminster). It was made from weave-it squares. It took awhile but I've found a weave-it loom and one of these days, I'm going to repair it, replacing the missing squares. On one of my visits to her, she and I assembled a granny square afghan with squares she had crocheted. I wonder what happened to that afghan. She must have given it away. Good memories. :-)