Monday, August 6, 2012

Highland Triangles on the way

      I like nothing better than time spent in the company of talented knitters!   We had a grand time in the Highland Triangle workshop at the Recycled Lamb this past weekend.  Everyone worked through the mini shawl to learn the techniques, and by the end of day two they all had a new Highland Triangle shawl launched and well on its way.   I do look forward to seeing these pieces when they are done.  An impressive amount of knitting was done and a more lovely group of knitters I've never met.  The two days we spent together were like a mini retreat, refreshing and inspiring.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event.   These workshops always remind me why I love to teach knitting.  It's such a great privilege to share one's passion with those who understand it.

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  1. So glad I was able to ne part of this group. Shawl is progressing nicely.