Friday, August 3, 2012

One done! Seven to go

The Best Loved Shawl is done and drying on the blocking floor.  Here's what was left of the yarn.

      It was a bit too close on the yarn amount for my liking and after doing some more figuring, I know why.  It seems that I knit about 36 long rows twice.  Easy to do when every row is the same and you aren't really counting.  Too many car trips just knitting away.  Well it is one honey of a big shawl and I will love it all winter.  The pattern is written without the extra rows so the yarn amounts are correct and all is well.  And one project is done!
       Now to get Gary's Gansey back on the road to completion.  I had the plain bottom and ribbing knit up to where the texture pattern would start.  Here is it on top of his favorite old gansey, just to double check the length.  This is a bulkier yarn and texture pattern so I want the design to start higher up on the body;  the pattern should enhance the chest not pad the tum.  It will still start about 3 inches under the armhole.  I find that I do prefer the patterns to start before the armhole.   I just like the way that looks.

 The swatch (yep, found the swatch) shows the difference in the patterns quite well.  And since this one has been sitting on the needle for several months, starting the pattern now will disguise any "needle line" that might show up after the stitches have had such a long rest on the cable of the circular needle.
        Lest you be wondering, I am going to double count to be sure the pattern will fit into the number of stitches on the needle.  Thank goodness I have my original notes and sketches. 

 Tonight I'll finish the last repeat on the center of the Highland Triangle Shawl and get the stitches picked up for the inner borders.  I always like to have some knitting ready while I teach.  It's no fun to just watch other people knit; I want to be catching a few stitches along with the knitters at the shawl workshop this weekend.  As I said before, the Inner borders on the Highland Triangle are simple and rhythmic, lace that can be knit in a group.  Friendly knitting.

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