Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happiness in the New Year

     Here are some swatches I've done recently for the Shetland shawl projects that we'll be working with at the spring sessions of the Knitaway® in the Studio.  Choosing lace patterns for a new shawl is one of the things that makes me really happy.

     On this first day of the new year I like to make a list of all those things that create joy in my life.  These are not resolutions, though I do resolve to spend more time in the pursuit of happiness, but it is more about bringing my attention back again to just what being happy means.  It's a good practice for me and one that just on it's own seems to expand my joyous mood.  The Dalai Lama XIV, one of my go to sources for wisdom on happiness, said:

                        “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

     What is even better is that finding your own happiness is an act of kindness to everyone.  When we each are happier, the world itself is a more joyous place.  You make a beautiful difference with each smile.

     For your new year I wish for you the gifts of considering and finding those actions that fill you with the most happiness and loads of time to spend pursuing them. 

     Happy New Year! 


  1. You are so right! Happy New Year, Cheryl, and may it be filled with peace and joy!