Wednesday, January 23, 2013

National Pie Day

What a great way to brighten up the winter than with a day to celebrate one of my favorite things in the world....Pie!  Here are two of the wonderful pies I was treated to in my travels last year.  These were the treats at my Lace Sampler class hosted by the Sow's Ear Yarn Shop in Verona, Wisconsin last September.  Let me tell you, these were outstanding pies, baked locally, and I did make sure of that by having more than one helping of each.  Luckily they were huge so there was plenty for all of us.
Classic Cherry!
 And for all of you who know and love the Sow's Ear, they are on the ballot for the Madison Magazine's Best of Madison.  Look under coffee/tea shops (yes, they are all that too!) and cast your vote for yarn and treats in one move.
Apple Berry..amazing!
National Pie Day can be a pretty sweet deal.  I'm planning a foray out of the Studio for pie today myself.   In the midst of the winter "diet" season, I know it's a radical act but hey! I'm committed to joy this year, and a delicious little treat now and then goes a long way toward meeting my joy quotient for the day.   Can I rationalize, or what?  Uh huh!

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