Thursday, January 24, 2013

Highland Triangle Workshop at Knit Knack

     The Highland Triangle Shawl has got to be one of the top three favorite shawls from Folk Shawls.  I'll be teaching a one-day Highland Triangle workshop this Saturday, January 26th, from 10 to 4:30, at the wonderful Knit Knack Yarn Shop in Arvada.  If you haven't been to Knit Knack yet, give yourself a mid-winter treat and take in this charming and welcoming fiber lover's venue.  If you are one of the many fans of the shop, join us for the workshop or drop by to say hello.  I'd be happy to sign some books during lunch break too.  Love to see you there.
    I've got another version of the Highland Triangle on the needles now, using Just Beautiful Alpaca.
The shawl is at what I like to call the awkward stage, with lots of stitches on the needles and looking very much like a knitting disaster.  It even still has it's markers in, the one you see here is to indicate the right side of the knitting, where the lace pattern and shaping take place.   At this point the shawl reminds me of a girl getting ready for a dance, rumpled clothes and curlers.  It is almost done though and once it is blocked it will  bloom into a most wonderful garment, light and soft and with a particular way of hugging the shoulders.
     Can you see the bowl that the ball of yarn sits in?  It's a clear "faux glass" bowl that travels well and let's me enjoy the beauty of the yarn as it keeps the ball from rolling around the room.  There are marvelous yarn bowls out there now that are truly works of the potter's art, but I like this simple, light-weight, unbreakable bowl quite a lot.  I haul my tools everywhere and I can be hard on them.  This bowl even sits nicely on the floor of the car and never mind the mid-winter floor mats or the rolling cans of organic tomatoes that might bounce it around on a sharp curve.  But I digress...
      So do take some time for yourself and join us Saturday at Knit Knack for more knitting talk and to learn the techniques of constructing this wonderful example of a traditional Shetland shawl style.  Gerri has some fabulous yarns that make beautiful shawls. You just might find yourself knitting several as I seem to be doing.  And maybe this one will be off the needles and "ready for the dance" by then.  I'd best get back to my knitting.....

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